Britain’s Got Talent - Size 16 Pole Dancer Emma Haslam

So inspiring. Everyone should have the courage to do what they love no matter of their size.

Booked a trip

JUST BOOKED A TRIP TO DISNEY FOR NOVEMBER!  I thought for sure that my last trip would be my last for a while but clearly I can not stay away. Super excited! I am also so excited because I will get to see Universal Studios NEW EDITION of HARRY POTTER WORLD


I hope everyone realizes how important this episode is. 

My brother watches this show and showed me this clip. Brilliant! Some people do not understand the message behind this statement… its not that she hates being fat… she hates the way people think and treat fat girls. She has clearly embraced being fat. If not she would not have the confidence to hit on guys. Anyhow this is genius..I might have to fit this show on my tv lineup.

Prom Season!

This past Friday I did my baby cousin’s (who is not a baby anymore) hair and make up for her prom. I was so honored to be able to do that for her. I remember her being a annoying toddler like it was just yesterday and now shes annoying teenager…well I am sorta kidding lol. We do fight like sisters but it is because we are sisters! Look how beautiful she looked.




Latest Trend

The big trend I have been noticing in plus size fashion is white. Who what have thought that plus size girls would be embracing the color white. I think it is amazing that we are not afraid to wear light colors anymore. Plus size fashion has really come along way and these new designers are really encouraging us fat girls to show off our curves and be happy with our bodies. I love it! You would never catch me wearing a whole white outfit before but now I am all for it. Why not!? I know I am beautiful and I can wear and rock anything I want to. As long as we keep this state of mind I can see bigger and greater things for the world of plus size fashion. Here are some great white/creme pieces that you might want to add to your closet.

  • Top row: all from ASOS
  • Second row: all from Forever21+
  • Third row: both from Monif C
  • Fourth row: both from Torrid